The Art Inspector Arrives!

The Art Inspector came to my studio this week, she arrived in style with a lovely crew, equipped with gadgets and devices to measure, take readings and sample my art products and tools.

After taking samples of Algenate and Van Dyke potion, she measured (in a very scientific way), the output of noxious gasses (or something quite technical). Surprisingly they were not as toxic as I had imagined. She did explain that even though they were not emitting toxic fumes I still needed to dispose of them properly. What shocked me the most was the use of power it took to heat my bees’ wax. To heat the wax once a day would cost me thousands of dollars per year!

She asked about the light bulbs I had in my studio and I realized I had no idea there were so many types of energy saving bulbs! I’ve replaced all three lights!

In short, I have a lot to learn… Thanks Art Inspector!



About Genevieve

The patina of time that covers the world in meaning; this is the currency in which Genevieve Hastings deals. Genevieve's mission as an artist is to evoke and render sensual the relation between time and narrative--between history and meaning. Objects are collected, some from the artists history--a recording of her grandmother singing old Appalachian songs, a photograph of a circus elephant from her time traveling with a Thai circus--some antiques--obsolete and forgotten medical devises smudged with fingerprints and rust--and some new--a video loop of open heart surgery in which the seafoam-gloved hands of an unseen surgeon pilots a scalpel through a wine-dark wake of blood. These are then obfuscated inside a moldering suitcase for instance, or behind a distorting lens beneath a keyhole at the bottom of a steamer, or detectable only as a sound or smell. The viewer must participate with the piece, kneeling, stooping, placing her ear to the side of a cabinet and most of all providing a narrative--how are these objects related? What is the story?
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