The Art Inspector


The Art Inspector is a third party certification agent that examines the environmental impact of art process and practice. Art Inspector works with interested agents such as curators, artists, collectors, and others in order to pre-qualify artists who pass a standard of environmental stewardship.

Saving the Earth by Changing Art

If the artist passes they are put on a public Healthy Art list. However, if they fail the inspection they are put on a red or yellow list. This list meets the demand by curators and collectors seeking artists who are creating eco-developed art. It is possible to move from the yellow and red to the Healthy Art list with the Art Inspector’s program that is developed on an individual basis and requires a re-inspection.

The primary part of the inspection for the first phase of the Art Inspector is the result of indoor air quality screening during the art process. Sophisticated technologies identify possible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted during the process. Other factors weigh in such as safety procedures of the artist, location of chemical use and ratio of harmful to safe toxins. The subsequent phases of the Art Inspector will grow to include energy monitoring systems of electronic equipment and material waste.

In addition to the certification process and the Healthy Art program, the Art Inspector is lobbying art media such as Art Forum and other sanctioned institutions to publish work that passes inspection and further to refuse publication of toxic art. This strategy is modeled after campaigns such as “No-Sweat,” where university bookstores opt out of purchasing from sweatshops. There is also the “Eco-Buy” program where government agencies purchase sustainable and green products whenever possible. The media’s influence on art culture can drive the art market to become environmentally resilient. Art can have commodity component and is therefore subject to basic economic principles. This campaign will shift the demand for environmentally resilient made art to create a greater ratio of the Healthy Art supply.