Therese May: My Recent Experience with the Art Inspector

Recently I had a visit with the Art Inspector (Danielle) and I’d like to share some of the things I learned.  First of all she measured the amount of energy my tools are using.  I’m a quilter, so I have an iron and two sewing machines which were considered.

Danielle suggested that if I am using the iron intermittently for several hours at a time, that I should turn it down rather than off and on to save energy.  The reason is that to heat it up again, takes more energy.

She also measured the amount of energy that my sewing machines take:

This is the sewing machine that I use for most of my strait stitching and my applique work.

This my longarm quilting machine, which takes a bit more energy and costs more to run.  The art inspector suggested that I figure this in with the cost of my business when I do my taxes.

Empty Ink cartridges  and batteries I’ve been saving…I’ll find out where to take them.

Designer Fabric rescued from the landfill by Fabmo and distributed to artists and crafters to create something new.  I’m making art quilts with it

More paint that I use to embellish my art quilts.

Sewing machine oil is being tested for toxicity.

I’m hoping the art inspector can find beautiful thread that is made in the USA.

This is a detail of one of my quilts, “Trees Are Good For You.”  I’d like to make my quilts good for everyone by making them with materials all made in the USA.


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