Pros, Cons, and Usage of My New Materials

For the Healthy Art Program Eco Exhibit my goal is to use as many of the products as possible that the art inspector gave me.  I will have to use more products than I was given but I am going to try and be as eco and energy conscious as possible when obtaining and using my own products.

Below is a few of the materials I was given, the pros and cons and how I plan on using them. I will list the other materials as I use them.

FSC plywood  – 5 24×24 and 5 12×12 pieces. FSC is The Forest Stewardship Council it is an international not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder organization established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. You can read more about the FSC her

Pros –  Its FSC, the quality seems to be good, no major damage or surface issues.
Cons –  It is very heavy, I think it is because it is plywood. I would like to use another type of FSC wood like a birch panel that is a lot lighter. It’s difficult to transport and hang heavy work.
Use  – I am using the panels as my canvas. I have glued and tacked the small panel to the middle of the large panel. I added hanging hardware to the back of the large panels.

Powered Pigments – 9 – 1 oz bags of Ochres & Oxides pigments in various Mediterranean earth tone colors.

Pros – Natural or inorganic pigment of natural origin
No heavy metals or toxic materials either in the end result or through
Good saturated colors
Mixes well with oil
Cons – None that I have found so far with the actual product.
Use – I am using the pigments in two ways. First to tint my encaustic wax, this way is pretty strait forward mixing the dry pigment directly in the hot clear wax.

The other way I am using it is as an oil paint to paint over my cooled wax. The art inspector took away all of my oil paints. I wasn’t given anything else to really replace them so I had to do some research on alternatives. I found that there are oil paints that are made using walnut oil without toxic solvents.  Another option is to create my own oil paints. This option really appealed to me. I was able to find instructions and recipes online. I had to get a mortar and pestle, and some kind of oil to mix.  After some more research I found that linseed and walnut oil are both non toxic. I have tried the linseed oil and am waiting for it to dry to properly asses the outcome, the walnut oil is ordered and on its way.  I will post a comparison as soon as I receive and use the walnut oil.

Eco-Bond Heavy Duty Adhesive – 1 large tube of adhesive

Pros – Bonds quickly
Can be used to create texture (see picture)
Has the lowest VOC’s on the market, is non-toxic, meets or exceeds all
California Proposition 65  standards (strictest governmental environmental
standards to date), contains no carcinogens, is not petroleum based, and has
low odor.
Cons – It’s a very large tube and you need a caulking gun to be able to use it.
There is no cap or anything to cover the opening cut or prevent it from
drying out.
Use – I used this to adhere the small and large boards. It dried quickly and has a very strong adhesion. One thing I would refer is a smaller tube/bottle. This product is mainly used in construction and other large projects, not really for everyday use and it definitely would not work on smaller more delicate items. I would like to find a consumer household brand of adhesive that I can use for smaller projects.

I have a few other supplies and I will write about as I use them.


About Shannon

I am a mixed media artist and jewelry designer. My subjects often involve objects I have found in nature or collected in my travels such as: seed pods, insects, botanicals, fossils, feathers, vintage books and maps. My artwork primarily consists of alternative process photography including historic printing processes and non-traditional techniques such as: Polaroid transfer, lumen printing, liquid emulsion, and hand painting. In addition I also use encaustic and vintage ephemera to create mixed media pieces. My jewelry is inspired by natural history and a desire to repurpose and reveal the beauty in uncommon objects. I often use bullet shells, fossils, bones, feathers, copper and semi precious gemstones in my designs. I have participated in many gallery, and alternative space exhibitions and my artwork has been exhibited nationwide with emphasis on the West Coast. I was born, raised and currently reside in the California Bay Area You can find me at the following places:!/shannonamidon
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