Project is under way!

I began painting the base images for my project this week. Using the paints that the Art Inspector gave me, this was a challenge. I’m not used to painting in the first place, I typically do collage, and these paints needed to be mixed with a solution to become usable. The colors are limited, and are very muted. I’m used to working with bright colors! Painting on wood is also a new thing for me. But, in the end, it’s been a fun challenge and I think now that I have gotten used to the paints, I will enjoy the rest of the process. I have some ideas brewing for the other two panels…one of them will be a collage using words from magazine cut outs, and the other will be a person riding a bike. Remember, these are works in progress and the final images will look very different than these preliminary “under paintings”.  I figured I would = give you a peek inside my process…More to come!

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