More on the Down to Earth Quilt

Backing spread out on the patio

Making this quilt was different in that I used some batting provided by the Art Inspector which was made in the USA. This batting is very fragile, so I needed to have a flat surface to lay it out, hence putting the bottom layer out first.

Laying out the Batting

The batting is all in layers that come apart very easily so I need to be very careful as I work with it.

Spreading the Quilt Top over the Batting

I carefully place the quilt top over the backing and the batting.

Showing the thickness of the batting

As you can see, this batting is very thick.  If I had been more knowledgeable, I would have removed some of the batting, to make a thinner quilt, but, no, I didn’t want to do it over!!

Laying the three layers over the longarm machine.

I usually load the longarm machine by stretching the three layers one by one over the various bars and tighten the gears to give a nice taut surface to quilt on.  This particular batting made the process a bit different in that I spread the components onto the patio and then brought them in and carefully laid them over the bars and attached it all to the rollers.

Stretched onto Machine for Quilting

Now, I’m all ready to quilt the piece!

On the Studio Wall After Quilting

I have a couple more things to add to this piece. One is to put some glowing L-Wire around the flame shape, and the other is to add some Eco-friendly paint to the surface of the piece. Making this quilt has been a great experience and made me think more about what goes into my work and the meaning of it. I not only have used recycled fabric, but most of it has meaning in that significant people have given it to me. I even used parts of a quilt that I made during the 1970’s.

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