Materials check-in: What worked, what didn’t




Eco Pro: B&W Paper developer, stop bath, fixer and Hypo wash
I used these photo chemicals to print a series of images, one of which was included in the show. The chemicals seemed to up the contrast slightly more than the chemicals I was previously using, but they were easy to control by changing my filter. The blacks were rich. Overall I was extremely happy with the outcome and the fixer didn’t smell nearly as bad! I would definitely recommend these products!

Wax- Artemis Modeling Beeswax made with plant colors
I was previously using beeswax that I had bought through Dharma Trading Company in Berkeley. The wax is from the US.  All the information I could find indicated that it was very environmentally friendly.

The Artemis wax was not the best quality. It dried with an extra cloudy film and had sandy bits of pigment. I ended up not using it.

Green Prix Recycled Photo Paper- matte
The paper printed beautifully! I can’t wait to get more! The colors were saturated and even.

EcoBond adhesive clear sealant
So far so good! The sealant did dry clear as promised and seems to be holding well. I used it for the legs of the trunk and a few other small things that needed adhesive. It takes a little longer to dry than the instructions say.


About Genevieve

The patina of time that covers the world in meaning; this is the currency in which Genevieve Hastings deals. Genevieve's mission as an artist is to evoke and render sensual the relation between time and narrative--between history and meaning. Objects are collected, some from the artists history--a recording of her grandmother singing old Appalachian songs, a photograph of a circus elephant from her time traveling with a Thai circus--some antiques--obsolete and forgotten medical devises smudged with fingerprints and rust--and some new--a video loop of open heart surgery in which the seafoam-gloved hands of an unseen surgeon pilots a scalpel through a wine-dark wake of blood. These are then obfuscated inside a moldering suitcase for instance, or behind a distorting lens beneath a keyhole at the bottom of a steamer, or detectable only as a sound or smell. The viewer must participate with the piece, kneeling, stooping, placing her ear to the side of a cabinet and most of all providing a narrative--how are these objects related? What is the story?
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