Inching my way towards my project design

Now that the holidays have come and gone, I finally have the time to focus on my Healthy Art Project. Mulling over the materials I have available, I became frustrated because all the ideas I had were based on using the normal collage materials I an used to. But, I persevered. Let’s being with the surface material. The Art Inspector gave me a large panel of wood made from a renewable forest, so the first thing I did was cut that baby into four manageable squares. Now, I can think in terms of telling a story in four segments, instead of one large one, which feels more manageable to me.
I sanded and primed the wood, and set out to complete some sketches of the ideas I had brewing in my head. At first, I thought I would make four collages depicting a scene when the earth was young, all healthy and green. Then, man comes along and builds factories, clogging up the air. The next scene was to be a barren landscape, devoid of anything living. The final panel was to be a seedling, popping up through the muck..showing that there is still hope. But, as I sketched, my mind went elsewhere, and I ended up with four panels showing alternative energy options, with inspirational words interspersed amongst the images. I felt more inspired by these final sketches, so I will go with it. Next step…transferring the sketches onto the large wooden panels, then I get to start experimenting with the paints and papers given to me by The Art Inspector. Things are finally moving along….the funny thing is, I recently got hired to do some training work with PG&E!!

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