Getting Started on My Healthy Art Quilt

The Art Inspector gave me this Killawatt meter.

With this meter, I can measure the amount of energy used in constructing the “Healthy Art Quilt” I’m making for the Art Inspector.  The Quilt will be shown with the work of four other artists at San Jose City Hall for several months beginning early in 2012.

Fabric Made in USA given me by the Art Inspector

The original idea was for me to make an art quilt all from materials made in the US.  This turned out to be a very tall order! The Art Inspector did find one website that sells all American made fabric! In the picture above you can see the three colors provided.

Batting Made in the USA

Here you can see the American made batting provided by the Art Inspector.  I’ll be working with it carefully while quilting the three layers of my quilt together.  The batting I’m used to comes in easy to handle sheets, while this beautiful and soft material is very fragile and falls apart making the process challenging. I’m looking forward to reporting how this goes!

Fabmo Fabric--Designer Samples rescued from the Landfill

Very little of this fabric is made in the US, but I decided to use some of it in my quilt anyway, since it is already here; it’s beautiful and using it responsibly makes sense. If you’re interested in this concept, go to

"Work in Progress" --This is the very beginning of my quilt.

The very top of the piece is made from fabric printed here in the US on cotton from another country.  I had it printed from some of my own images uploaded to The beige squares in the bottom section of the piece were all made in America and given to me by the Art Inspector. I must confess that I was so excited to get started on my piece that I forgot to use the Kilowatt meter! I promise to integrate measuring energy while working on the rest of the process.


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